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Fighting Personal Adversity With Extraordinary Ordinariness

A friend of ours called me this morning to tell me he had just finished reading Semper Avanti and how moving and inspirational he found it. He said although he knew the story and how it was going to come out he still couldn't put it down. It answered many questions he'd had over the past three years that he had never wanted to ask me, and he appreciated the book's honesty. "It's a very good story, and it's worth telling", he told me.

But there are thousands, no, millions of books that have been published. Why should anyone read Semper Avanti? Bob and I are just two ordinary people that fell in love, got married, set out to have careers, raise our family and live happily ever after. Dull stuff, right? But on May 12, 2014 we were confronted with an extraordinary event that changed everything forever. It could have destroyed us then, and it still challenges us today. But here we are, and we're still smiling.

So I hope that whether you know us or not, you're up for an inspirational and motivational love story about two people who, in all their extraordinary ordinariness, battled extreme personal adversity and won. Because that is what Semper Avanti is all about. And if you like it, I hope you'll share it.

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