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Bob Bucceri, Nancy Bucceri

Nancy Bucceri's story begins in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport after she received a call from an Emergency Room in Virginia telling her that her husband of thirty-one years was hospitalized with a life-threatening brain injury caused by a massive stroke. A fit, healthy sixty-two year old, Bob had been found dying in his hotel room after he had failed to show up for a business meeting earlier in the day.

After surviving against the odds and fighting hard for six weeks, Bob is dealt another blow: his healthcare insurance company refuses to cover the acute inpatient rehabilitation therapy he needs to get his life back. The denial of care comes just as Bob is beginning to show signs of walking again.

Semper Avanti is a love story. It's about living through personal crisis. It's about about moving "always forward" when you think you can't.  It is about a wife suddenly thrust into full time caregiver, and one couple's long, excruciating journey through stroke recovery treatment.

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