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Nancy Bucceri



I am a devoted wife and mother of two grown children and live with my husband in West Chester, Pennsylvania. As a professional I am the majority owner of a certified women's business enterprise that started as a consulting practice by my husband in 1997.

I burnished my professional credentials in various technical and marketing roles for IBM, Siemens, and other leading technology companies over 30-plus years.  I have devoted my career to the development and promotion of healthcare information technology.

My passion comes from my personal experience with the healthcare system through the medical crisis that threatened my family and threw me headfirst into the problems of disconnected care, siloed information, fragmented systems, health insurance denials, surprise medical billing and more.


My experience led me to write this book with the hope that I could help others successfully navigate through catastrophic personal adversity. I continue to focus my professional work on making sure that what healthcare information technology solutions go to market improve the quality, access and cost of care.

And no matter what comes my way, I'm looking "always forward".  

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