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Moving Always Forward. Again.

Nine months ago I relaunched my career as an independent consultant and small business owner, and what a nine months it has been! I had several clients, doing work I love. I was gaining momentum growing Bob's and my little business when all of a sudden the beginning of the Apocalypse was at our door. Between COVID-19, the lockdowns, the civil unrest, rioting, and increasingly vicious political climate, it does feel that way, right?

I've been struggling with all this. I call it my COVID malaise but it actually started in late January. And to be honest I had been diagnosed with mild depression about two years ago, so this is something that was already going on with me but was being exacerbated by current events.

But before I got honest with myself I had this brainstorm of an idea that my problem was ADD. After all, my two children were diagnosed with it as adults, so why couldn't I be? I had the symptoms, or so I thought. I even went to a shrink in March to get the diagnosis. Except that wasn't what happened.

What did happen was I got a smart therapist who read me like a book. We had a few sessions where, instead of the shrink saying, "Here, take this and call me in the morning", she kept asking me annoying questions like, "So what steps can you take?", or "Since "x" isn't in your control, what is in your control that you can do?" Damn.

I wanted an easy way out, but my therapist helped me realize I already knew what I needed and only I could move me forward. My challenges are different than they were back when I wrote Semper Avanti, and my story is specific to Bob's traumatic brain injury and my situation as caregiver. But the ten strategies in the book are universal and they do work. They are helping me again, and my hope is that they can help others.

This is where I get to the point of this post: I'm relaunching Semper Avanti, starting with this book trailer, for people who are stuck in their own "COVID malaise", not knowing how to move forward in this dark time. So, for what it's worth, I hope my short book can help you or someone you love learn how to move semper avanti. Oh, and the therapist thing? Strategy 6: don't just accept help, get help.

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