The Healthcare Devil We Know

This week we all watched the drama of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) unfold to defeat. But I would hardly call the bill's failure a "victory for all Americans" as Hillary Clinton did. The House bill may not have been the answer, but neither is the status quo. We still have almost 29 million Americans without healthcare coverage. When the Affordable Care Act was passed back in 2010 there were 36 million chronically uninsured, so the net gain is only around 7 million, not the 20 million frequently touted (source: CDC). But having insurance only gets us so far and it is increasingly becoming obvious that our health insurance is not much of a safety net. A s

Fighting Personal Adversity With Extraordinary Ordinariness

A friend of ours called me this morning to tell me he had just finished reading Semper Avanti and how moving and inspirational he found it. He said although he knew the story and how it was going to come out he still couldn't put it down. It answered many questions he'd had over the past three years that he had never wanted to ask me, and he appreciated the book's honesty. "It's a very good story, and it's worth telling", he told me. But there are thousands, no, millions of books that have been published. Why should anyone read Semper Avanti? Bob and I are just two ordinary people that fell in love, got married, set out to have careers, raise our family and live happily ever after. Du

Why On Earth Did I Write This Book?

I work in marketing, and one of the things I have to do in that role is tell the story about the product I am trying to sell and make the case for why anyone would want to buy it. Recently I was fortunate to sit through a business presentation by a professional storyteller. Tim Riesterer, who is also chief strategy and research officer of Corporate Visions, talked about what he called the Hero's Journey. Mr. Riesterer was funny and engaging in a way that I am not in my paraphrasing here, but essentially what he said was this: The world starts out as normal, then something shocking happens: The Hero shows up, but initially resists, threatened by a change in the status quo. (Think Luke Sky

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