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Looking Back, But Moving Always Forward

It was inevitable that there would be an end to Bob’s story. It happened a year ago today, February 10, 2021. It was sudden and short lived, but it was peaceful for him and he was lovingly surrounded by his whole crew. Best of all, he and I had been having fun together in the Florida sun, so he left on pretty much his own terms. I had a great life with him.

I’ve thought a lot about this post and what to talk about. For the past year I’ve been making my way through the grief that comes with losing your soulmate. I don’t have any words of wisdom yet. I still seek those out in books, grief sessions and listening to friends that have forged this path ahead of me.

Right now life is a series of new memories created with my children, extended family and dear friends. They've all been wonderful. In between those are just days that string together with no other sense of purpose than to get through them. I’m told to give it time, so I am. I’m told to try new things, so I do. At the moment I'm working with service dogs in training; beautiful golden labs. Working with puppies is totally out of my comfort zone and I'm loving it. I don’t know what my future holds, but like I’ve always done, I’m determined to find a happy path through whatever life throws my way. Next month? Wood turning class. Semper Avanti.

Englewood Beach, Florida, February 8, 2021.


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